Young Military Man’s Surprise Visit to his One-Day Daughter


This is an exceptionally touchy and marvelous YouTube story of beautiful love and care. From the first seconds of the video, we observe soldier James returning home after 22 hours of travel. The man came to Des Moines with a broad smile on his face and confidence in his eyes. He appeared in the maternity hospital to visit his wife and newly born daughter aged one day from birth.
When the door of the hospital ward opened, the nurse told a young woman she would have a surprise. The young woman was much amazed and embraced her brave husband from all her heart. The man and woman exchanged the greetings of love familiar for them two only. Then the man came up to his little daughter and took her in his hands carefully. The turmoil of feelings caught over the loving couple.
This life story is the bright example of that we should appreciate beautiful moments happening in our life and making us smarter, kinder and more emotional inside.

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