Would you stop to help a bear?


If you happen to be taking a hike and you see a bear with a bucket on his head, what would you do? A few people got together and decided they were going to make the attempt to rescue this poor animal before he hurt himself or starved to death. How he got the bucket on his head will forever remain a mystery though.

Of course the bear doesn’t want to be helped as he thinks he can do it himself, and people are just scary to him. He doesn’t mind eating their food and getting into their things, but he doesn’t want to get near them. As they try to chase him around to get a hold of him they quickly realize that they are going to need a little help to get this done. They end up chasing him clear up the highway and it takes a couple of guys to hold the bear down first, while holding his head as well. They then carefully and slowly cut the bucket off his head so he can be free. Once that is done the people quickly back off as the bear runs away into the woods. Hopefully he won’t be repeating that mistake again anytime soon.

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