Woman Overcome With Joy Upon Seeing Her Dog’s Recovery After Rehab


A woman’s dog was severely injured, and had to undergo extensive surgery followed by three months of rehabilitation. The staff of the clinic have prepared a special surprise for the woman on her routine visit to see her pet, and have a camera ready to record the moment.

The woman arrives and the staff release the fully-healed animal to run to its owner. The woman is utterly amazed and overcome with joy to see her pet healthy and happy again. While the dog jumps around the woman and wags its tail in happiness, the woman sinks to her knees and showers the dog with affection.

This video shows the amazing bond between owner and pet, and how much this dog’s health really meant to this woman. The clinic staff knew how emotional moments like these can be, and they recorded it for all to share in the joy of healing and being reunited.

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