Wild ponies need a little help sometimes


When you live in the wetlands or marshes of Wales you already know what to expect when the tide comes in. The animals around you however might not be so lucky and could get caught out in the tide, becoming a problem. Sometimes those animals need a little help when they get stuck and thankfully the RSPCA is available and on scene in this situation to provide some much needed help to this horse and her foal.

When they spot them they are mere specks on the horizon. There they are and one of them appears to be on the ground while the smaller one, presumably the foal is prancing around the other. It turns out that the mother happens to have her rear hoof caught in a matted tangle of her own mane. This prevents her from walking, let alone escaping the rising tide that will soon wash over them. The team moved in and slowly approached the horse so they could help. They were able to release the hoof from her mane and after a few minutes the horse was able to get back up and walk off. She was a little unsteady at first, but soon regained herself and was able to move on with her foal.

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