When your heart is bigger than your bed


People often have big hearts when it comes to animals, especially if they care enough. When you see an animal that is at the shelter and getting as much treatment as possible, or that has been abused but can’t seem to find a home of its own your heart will go out for them. After one or two dogs however your home starts to feel a little smaller, as does the sleeping arrangements as well.

When a couple adopted so many dogs from various shelters they soon realized that not everyone had enough sleeping space, humans and animals. So the couple decided to get a second bed, and place it next to their own so that everyone had a little space on the bed to sleep. The couple and the dogs are shown in the video and you can see exactly how well these animals are cared for. They all get special attention and get to celebrate each other’s birthdays with a little whip cream straight from the can. They have their own habits that go with their personalities as well.

There are future plans to spoil them further of course by building a little staircase for them to walk straight up into the bed instead of just jumping up. This is a great idea since the dogs will get older and might need a little help in the future.

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