When helping pays off


Joey, a dog got tied to a pole on the streets of San Pedro, California. He had a sign in his neck, saying ‘My name is Joey, I am looking for a home, please take care of me’.
When a Lisa found him, she immediately decided to save that dog cruelly tied to a pole. She refused to give up on Joey, so she kept on walking 3 miles to the shelter, even though walking was difficult for her and she was in big pain. She could barely move when they arrived, but her effort paid off.
Joey was adopted by a beautiful loving family thanks to Forte Animal Rescue, and now has a spacious home. His life was solved, but what about Lisa?
She used to live in her van with her 3 cats when she rescued Joey. When the community of San Pedro found out what she did, they started a fundraiser to help her out from this unfortunate situation. With his help she could get back on her feet.

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