What Does This Soldier and Dog Have in Common?


Iraq. Faced with a camp shutting down and unit disbanding, a man just can’t leave his friend behind. By this we mean man’s best friend, a veteran dog named Ollie whom the soldier chooses to part with for the sake of saving the animal’s life.

He reached out to SPCA International who took the hand dog, where the animal had to travel halfway across the world upon obeying its master. Now, they are reunited. From Iraq to the U.S., distance has been conquered by this loyal soldier who claims his own and takes his loyal pet home.

The moment they met describes one of life’s simple joys. You simply cannot tell who’s more excited about it! Both human and dog could not be happier, especially with the new life ahead of them without the dangers of war. Rather, they get to enjoy the beautiful bond they have formed and maybe face new battles and life’s challenges together.

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