What A Parrot Can Do, A Smart Dog Can, Too. What Did He Just Say? That’s So Cute!


We all know one cute fact about parrots: they just love imitating every sound you make. In fact, some of these little creatures have been known to master the language to almost actually talk properly. However, you might have been holding a misguided opinion about the other animals, and this video is here to debunk that too!

If you really think that parrots are the only pets that can imitate human sounds and words, you’re in for a nice shock. What if a dog could talk too? You don’t believe it? What’s in this cool video will force you to!

It’s about this little dog held by the mom. The mom is so nice, and she holds her little pet with a soft cloth. Now, these two seem to be engaged in a good chat, whereby she says something, and the dog repeats it. However, the heat of the moment turns up when she decides to say something passionate: “I love you.” Wait!

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