“Unadoptable” Dog Makes Wonderful Transformation


Nelly, a black lab rescued in South Africa was frail and older when she was found. She was placed in the local shelter and up for adoption, but no one seemed to want her. She was deemed by potential new owners as “ugly” and not “adoptable”, just not wanted by families looking to adopt younger dogs or puppies. Weeks went by and then her story was posted on social media.
New life to Nelly when she was adopted by a farm family. She was now known as “Lilly” as her new owners claim it was a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Lilly has learned to adapt to farm life very quickly and just three weeks after her new owners took her in, she really is a new girl. While before, she was looked sad and lonely, Lilly is now full of life and confidence and her eyes shine with delight! She is clearly loved by her new family, both animal and human.

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