Two Baby Otters Rescued and Soon-To-Be Released


In the circle of life, otters are ideally friends of humans. However, it’s unfortunate how these animals could be easily mistreated. These 2 otters were rescued from animal traffickers, and they’re merely small, innocent and helpless pups!

The baby otters are now in safe hands. They squeak and make excited noises as they happily chew on their food that’s swimming in a bowl of milk. Currently, the two little ones will be staying at the rescue center and will be given the care they deserve, but only for the time being.

That’s the hard part of what Frank and his passionate team has to do- eventually having to release the animals in the wild as part of the practice they’ve continued for the past 15 years. To date, they’ve rescued more than 6000 in number, and that’s the beautiful part! They gain understanding the animals’ nature, observe and learn from it, watch them grow a bit, and establish a connection with the fascinating otters and other species.

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