Trippy Double Vision Makeup Look


Halloween is just over a month away, and one particularly creative individual has come up with a novel style of makeup for the holidays in which each feature of the face is drawn in makeup below the corresponding real one — or, in the case of the nose, farther up and smaller. This has an especially eerie effect on the person who looks upon the face that has been thus made up — it makes you feel as if you were intoxicated or in a daze, and thus seeing double. Indeed, when I saw the video, I thought that I had frozen it at a moment when it was dissolving! The effect of the trippy double vision makeup can be enhanced even more by a pair of shades, in which case one still sees the other eyes and both mouths and it looks very confusing indeed! In the words of the person who demonstrated this style on video, you can be a “walking migraine!”

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