Tiny Cat To The Rescue


Little, tiny kitty cats are simply adorable. They are so cute and furry that even the biggest cynics want to pick them up and cuddle. That being said most people do not think of them as tough rescue animals. The too cute for television kitty in our next video, called “Tiny Cat To The Rescue” has other thoughts about the matter. He thinks he’s a tough guy. In fact he tries to save his owner from drowning in the tub. Although there is absolutely nothing funny about drowning, what makes this video so cute and hysterically funny is the fact that his human mom is perfectly fine. She is simply enjoying a lovely bubble bath. That does not stop this fearless cat from grabbing her hand and trying to pull her out of the tub. By the end of he video footage he gives up on the rescue mission and tried to join her in the bubble bath.

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