Tigers Want to Play with Catnip


Tigers are big and majestic animals. No one thought that they would like to play as kittens do. It turns out that tigers and big fans of catnit.
This tiger was given some catnit to play with and it loved it. The tiger tore away at the toy the same way that a housecat would. It kept on sniffing and going after the catnit. The tiger then got playful. He went to laid down and roll around. Another tiger was given the catnit. This car also rolled around and played.
These big cats play just like kittens when they are given catnip. They act silly and they just want to play. While they may be large and have bigger teeth these tigers really just want to play and have a good time. Catnip is a great way to allow the tigers to act silly and they can have some fun out in nature.

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