Three Dogs Nearly Die in a House Fire


Many people forget that one of the most dangerous parts of fires is the smoke inhalation. People and animals who die in fires usually die of the smoke inhalation rather than the burns, which may have been the case for the three dogs in this video. The dogs were on the verge of dying in a terrifying house fire. The dogs were rushed to emergency veterinary care.

Fortunately, it seems that the dogs did manage to get there in time. They were treated with antibiotics and oxygen, and they avoided succumbing to the effects of smoke inhalation or any of the terrible potential consequences of smoke inhalation. When the Tampa airman reunites with dogs in this video, he really demonstrates just how close he was to them and just how much he loves and cares about the dogs. This video is a testament to the awesome power of modern medicine and the love humans have for their pets.

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