This Mother Sings “Amazing Grace” To Her Daughter. The Baby’s Reaction? Beautiful!


We all know the song “Amazing Grace”and know just how powerful the words of the song are. In this video, we are introduced to the children of a school for the blind called “The Anchor Center for Blind Children”. The song is sung while we are shown all of the brave children who benefit from attending the center. The children looked so happy and are so brave to not let their disability keep them from living the lives they want to live. The two people who are singing the song is a young male who raps and a woman who sings the chorus. The lady singer has a little girl named Louise. Louise has been born with a condition called Albinism. The condition affects her sight so she attends the center as well. It is a powerful message behind their song and seeing all of the beautiful children really melts your heart.

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