This Giant Lap Dog Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!


This video will make you laugh as you see the world’s largest lap dog! The video starts off with a man laying on the couch. He calls his dog onto his lap, and when you see how big this dog is, you are going to laugh out loud! This dog is huge, and yet he is such a cuddly animal. He wants to sit on the man’s lap and be just like any other dog, and that is so funny to see. You will love watching this video and seeing the big jump that the dog makes to get on the man’s lap.
This dog is truly incredible, and you will love watching him and the bond that he obviously has with his owner. This is a hilarious video, and you are going to enjoy seeing the dog get up on the man’s lap. He covers him almost completely, and that is what makes this so funny to see.

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