This Dog Was Dumped. What The Hiker Did? Amazing!


People often have to rescue pets because someone else happened to be cruel to that animal. Vets see it all the time and are often treating pets for malnutrition, as well as the ailments that can come with it. This video clip from the Ellen Show is about an ex-marine that happened to be out hiking and had taken a video camera with him at the time.

While hiking and exploring he came upon this small cave that he wanted to explore. He got more than he was expecting when he happened to look down into the cave and noticed an animal trapped at the bottom that appeared to be emaciated. It turns out the animal was a dog, and this gentleman had a puppy rescue on his hand. He couldn’t get the dog out that night, but did return to the cave laying out bowls of water, dry food and wet food in hopes that he would eat. It has been three months and with much care the dog has a new home and is happy with his owners, who happen to be the ones that rescued him. Now he looks healthy and happy and gets to play with the other dog in the house as well.

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