This Dog Hilarious Does Something Hilarious When He’s Sleeping


Of all of the animals that are entertaining to watch while they sleep, dogs get top pick. Puppies look absolutely adorable while they slumber, and it’s touching to see pooches cuddled up with their owners to get some rest. However, one Labrador has a very funny sleeping habit that you simply have to see — and hear — to believe.

The video opens with what looks like a big sleeping lab, comfortably snoozing on his dog bed. But make sure you have your speakers on so you can hear his hilarious snore. It almost sounds like a combination of gargling and an old motor. Or, perhaps, describing this dog’s snore as sounding like a horse’s stifled neigh is more accurate? There’s no way to really describe it other than saying it’s funny to the point that you’ll find yourself re-watching the clip just to make sure it’s true. Take a look at this video, and be prepared to laugh.

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