This Couple Was Stuck In The 80’s But Oprah Was Kind Enough To Bring Them Into The 2000’s


During an Oprah show, that was shot in the year 2003, their was a couple that had long hairstyle from 30 years ago. This rock and roll couple has not had their hair cut in more than a decade. But their friends are on a mission to help them change their old ways. Oprah was kind enough to bring her best stylist onto the show, to help them make a forever change.

This couple (finally) update their hairstyles and their new look is amazing! After they have spent time backstage with the stylist, they both come out to show the world their new look. Everyone is shocked to see them and their friends don’t even recognize them. But this is a change for the better and everyone seems to love it! Please make sure to share this video with everyone that you think might need a new hairstyle of their own. It just might get them moving!

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