This Baby Orangutan Was Found Abandoned. What They Did To Him? WOW!


In this video we see the story of a young baby orangutan called Udon who was found fighting for his life and being uncared-for. Luckily he was discovered by the international animal care team who managed to remove him from the dangerous and unhealthy place and that he was living in to support him and bring him back to health.

By the time they had found the baby orangutan, he had already become ill and unwell and was fighting for his life. The team managed to care for him and bring him back to a safe place. However, he is still unwell and requires constant care and around-the-clock attention, in order to get better. The video is upsetting but has a contact where you can donate money to support Udon and others like him. To watch the video click the following link for the full story, as well as details on how to donate.

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