They Saw A Creature In The Grass. When They Got Closer? WOW!


Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue group was called out to the site of an Abandoned and Broken Dog. When the group got there the dog was in very bad shape. The dog was sleeping beside a busy road and his leg had been injured. The rescue group carefully approached the dog to try and get a leash around him before he awakened. One of the team members got the leash around the dog but the pooch was startled and jump up.

The scared dog tried his best to break free from the leash and twisted his head around. But this was not going to stop the group for trying to capture the dog to bring him to safety. During the struggle the dog accidentally bite his own tongue in the process. With the cars rushing by just a few feet from the dog the group finally got the animal to calm down and lured him into a cage. Then the group got the dog into the car and off to see the Vet. Thanks to Hope For Paws now the pup is doing much better!

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