They Have Been Separated Since They Were Puppies. Watch The Reaction Of The One On The Right? So Cute!


This video is only 50 seconds long and shows Iggy the trainee guide dog, featured on Blue Peter, being reunited with her four siblings, one of whom is white like himself while the other three are black and of a different breed. One has a red harness that says “In Training.” The excitement that results from the reunion is indescribable — the four of them are sniffing at each other, jumping around with excitement and rolling around on the ground, to the extent that those holding onto their leashes have to use all their strength to keep themselves from letting go.
Blue Peter has been on the air continuously for longer than any other children’s TV show. It was first broadcast on BBC in 1958 and is now owned by CBBC. Pets like Iggy appear regularly on the show. The video described here can be seen on YouTube, but comments have been disabled.

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