They Have Been Looking For Each Other For More Than 36 Years. The Reason Why? Amazing!


After 30 years of separation, a brother and a sister, both working in the Navy finally reunite. Cindy Murray and Robert Williamson were separated decades ago when their parents parted ways, given that they were from different mothers, but same father. Originally from Denver, the two never stopped looking for each other on Social Media and any other avenues they could think of. Funny enough, all it took is a phone call to the dad who they never maintained contact with for years and their reunion materialized.
Although they never gave up, little did they know that they were both going serve the same branch of the military and eventually settle in California. As seen in this video, they salute each other and proceed to give each other a warm, hearty, long hug and they clearly cannot hide their emotions. Their joy, persistence and what can only be explained a divine connection; this goes to show that family indeed is everything.

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