They Argue In Front Of The Camera. When You See The One On the Left Does? Amazing!


There’s nothing funnier that a bunch of old women who tell it like it is. This video features segments of a group of grandmas not holding anything back. From light cussing to insult their closest friends, these ladies don’t care what other people think and say exactly what comes to mind. And you won’t see these grandmas blush about anything they have to say!
Watch grandma try to figure out how to get up inside a high truck while her friends laugh and record in the background. The old ladies don’t stop there, they even do a bit of football talk about who they want to win the next game. And when one lady can’t keep her her favorite team straight, it’s no surprise she gets called out and defends herself! This video of the bickering grandmas is sure to bring a smile to your face so don’t forget to share it with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

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