The Sound Of Music


Often times the sound of music can make people want to stand up and dance. For those of us that are not the dancing type a good song can make you want to clap your hands, snap your fingers, or just move about with the vibe. These actions hold especially true when a good drum beat is involved. It simply makes you feel good. Our next video, titled “The Sound Of Music” involves a man that is sitting outside playing what appears to be a snare drum. It is a happy, fun sounding drum beat. His dog would certainly agree with that. As the man is drumming the dog is running and jumping about. It looks like the pooch is dancing to the sound of the music. What a great way to spend a day. Drumming on your favorite drum and watching as your dog is having a great time. This short video is perfect for both animal and music lovers, or basically anyone on earth.

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