The Rescue Horse That Saved Itself By Painting Beautiful Pictures


It is a claimed fact that everyone on earth does have some form of talent or “hidden” talent that they may not be aware of. There are certain people who are good at singing, while others love to dance, and still others who are yet to find out and discover what their one dominant talent is overall. We each have a talent that can make the world better in some way or help it out.

There is a horse named Metro who used to think that running was his very best talent. This is because Metro was a racehorse, and he was born to sprint long distances against other horses, and he was in the process of building a famous name for himself. However, one day, all of this changed for him. He started to feel hurting in his knees.

As the years went by, Metro found out that racing wasn’t what he was meant to do, and thankfully he ended up being adopted by a local artist by the name of Ron Krajewski. Ron just wanted Metro to live out his days on his beautiful stretch of land.

Despite the fact that Metro was very happy living on Ron’s land, his knees didn’t stop hurting, and they eventually started to hurt more with each passing day. Metro did manage to survive and get away from the cruel treatments that did go along with horse racing. Nonetheless, he did have an issue with his health, and this problem doctors said would not let the horse live much longer.

Lucky, Ron came up with an idea, which would manage to save Metro’s life.

Please do scroll down through Metro’s incredible story and discover just how Ron did save the horse’s life!


Metro grew up being a racehorse. Four years of his life was spent racing regularly at the Belmont and Saratoga tracks. He was both a well-known sprinter and a feared opponent in his day once.


During the years of his very impressive racing career, Metro managed to win more than $300,000 in prizes, and when his knees started to go. He was removed from the major leagues and sent to the smaller courses. Metro still do well for himself in the minor leagues despite his ailing and aging body.


Eventually, the career of Metro, did come to a finishing end. His high octane lifestyle did some very serious damage on his knees and the racetrack became very worried that such a damagedhorse would be successful in finding itself a forever kind of home. Thankfully, there was a local artist named Ron Krajewski, and he offered to give Metro a very nice home to live out the rest of his days in peace and quiet.


Despite the fact that Ron had never owned a horse in his life, he did have the necessarythings to take care of Metro, and thesenecessary thingswere all about land and resources to permit Metro lots of space to carry out his whole new life. Metro would always bob his head and stomp his feet to be assured of being the center of attention there. This horse was indeed an all-star and he wouldn’t settle for less than five-star treatment.


Metro did love to bob his glorious head. Ron was a creative artist. He imagined sticking a paintbrush in the horse’s mouth. The way that Metro did move was so natural and clean. This would surely be something that would make for some beautiful brushstrokes. Ron temporarily put the silly idea aside and continued to help Metro heal his spirit.


As the days did go on, Metro did appear to have trouble with his gait, and Ron decided to ride the horse less. This was a hard thing to do, because to be honest, he did love riding him. This poor horse just needed to enjoy himself more. However, despite this move, Metro was still struggling with walking. It was something that was proving to get much slower and more painful for the horse. Metro was still in command of his spirit, but something else was wrong, and Ron decided to take the horse to the veterinarian.


The outlook was very grim. Metro’s knees had bone growth in them and the condition would only worsen with time. The prognosis for the horse wasn’t good at all. Metro would go on to live with agonizing pain in his knees until the final day when they locked up on him. If the horse became unable to move or walk, the only human thing would be to put this awesome, as well as, beautiful animal down to sleep.


Ron didn’t like the idea at all of just releasing Metro out to pasture and just waiting to have to euthanize the poor horse. There had to be another solution. Ron did some detailed research on the subject and did learn that there were some treatments available. These treatments were experimental and could be dangerous. However, one of the most daunting aspects of these treatments were their cost, they were very expensive. Ron loved his horse with his whole heart. Nonetheless, money was tight, and he didn’t have the funds to even consider the treatment route. He didn’t know what to do. However, when he looked into Metro’s eyes, the horse started to bob its head again.


Suddenly, it hit him, the “silly idea” he remembered it!


What started out as just an effort to Help Metro enjoy life moreturned into something even bigger. It snowballed into something much more incredible. When Ron offered Metro his paintbrush, the horse seemed to know what to do, as he grabbed it.


Metro’s story started to spread like wildfire. Was it possible? A horse that could really paint? Everyone was curious to see what he could do. The only thing Ron did do was to select the colors and Metro would go straight to work. He would then direct Metro on where to go. The rest of the creation was totally equus!


Metro was said to be a very prolific and incredible artist. His name was something that was becoming known in every household in the local community. When the horse’s paintings started to become something very special, Ron realized, he definitely was on to something major. He could actually sell the paintings to buyers to raise money to get Metro necessarytreatments for his knees.


Metro started the very intense treatments for his knees and things turned out very good in the beginning. The treatments did serve to slow down the bone growth in a big way. However, all the treatments did seem to do was one thing, and this was to slow down the inevitable of what would eventually happen. The initial treatments did help to relieve the pain temporarily. Nevertheless, with each and every treatment, the results were less and less relief for Metro. Ron went ahead and gave the go ahead for Metro to just be as comfortable as possible and live out the remainder of his life being a horse.


Ron did tell the local news station about Metro’s paintings. “Metro’s paintings are all mainly about color and texture. There is all sorts of beautiful little pieces of color in Metro’s paintings and its almost like humans do indeed think far too much. They want everything to be exactly perfect in the artwork they do when they put down a brushstroke to canvas. Metro just paints for the total fun of it all!”


As the money started to pour in from the sale of Metro’s paintings, a cure for the horse’s knees was found. There were various discussions going on about the horse’s future. Should he be euthanized or not? Should he be ridden again on the old trail?


The following painting is called “Daybreak.” It is indeed a beautiful painting. It also is a painting that goes along very well with Metro’s story. One can easily tell that the horse is very happy to have a brand new daybreak and start of a whole new day to look forward to.

Eventually, with time, Metro’s knees did get better from the expense treatments. He still enjoys running with his new horse friends and doing painting.


Metro’s paintings are still gaining in popularity. The horse’s works are something that are now being shown in fancy art galleries.


Metro’s knees are doing very well these days. The horse does now still continue to sell his paintings. However, since he is no longer sickly, and is worlds better health-wise. About 50% of his sales from the paintings do now go to New Vocations, and it is New Vocations, which does help with the care and medical expenses for retired racehorses. Some proceeds also go to find loving homes for these horses too.


Metro’s story is truly one of pure inspiration to all who do get fortunate enough to see it in action. This horse, who was forced to run, and who was on the brink of death was able to use art to spread awareness about the plight of retired racehorses and also managed to save his own life. Ron’s silly idea wasn’t so silly at all. It actually was the very thing that catapulted everything into motion for Metro. This idea of Ron’s proved to be something beautiful and lifesaving.


Ron has since been able to acquire experience in raising horses on his own. He has also taken on a few more rescues. Metro was once in so much pain, so much so, he couldn’t even walk. But these days he is like outrunning the herds. He is showing some of the younger horses how to run properly.


Ron and Metro have even managed to branch out. They have not only sold more paintings. They have also created pillows and tote bags for those long road trips.


To think on it, a simple paintbrush is all it took, in order to save a fine racehorse’s life! Metro will always be thankful to Ron being in his life.

24However, something does indicate the same for Ron, he will always be thankful for Metro too.

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