The Police Officer Sees Someone Doing Something To The Dog. What He Does? You Need To See This


With temperatures warming into triple digits in some places during the summer it can not only be uncomfortable but also life threatening in some cases. Outside the weather is warm, inside your home it might be more comfortable with fans and air conditioning. When you get into the car though it is something else. You turn the air on, sure, but what happens when that car is stopped in a parking lot with the engine off?

The Roswell police department found out when they were in a Home Depot and had to rescue two dogs that were left in the cars by their owners. The first dog was in the car by itself for over twenty minutes before they tracked down the owner. In that time the temperature in the car reached 150 degrees! While rescuing the first dog they look over and notice another dog in the same parking lot. Both of the dog’s owners were charged with animal cruelty as a result.

What people need to understand is that the temperature in your car can reach up to forty degrees higher than the temperature outside of it. The temperature gauge that the police officer had was not a part of the police items that are normally carried but one concerned citizen offered to buy every office one if it saves more lives of pets, and children.

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