The family dog is always good for a laugh


Owning a dog has its perks, especially when you have a family that can be there to help take care of it. And taking care of the dog means you also get to play with the dog, and the dog gets to play with you. The dog in this family video is playing hide and go seek with the children in the family. But he doesn’t know where the kids went off to, and the backyard is a rather large place. Thankfully he has a powerful nose like most dogs and is able to sniff out where those kids went. Keep in mind that the mother is instigating the dog to go find the kids, encouraging him to find them.

The kids are playing the game well, because if you look at the back yard you can’t see them peeking out of anywhere. They seem to be hiding under the large inflatable pool in the yard, which is actually turned upside down to hide them. The dog quickly goes over and figures this out for himself and then the dog runs away with inflatable pool. After climbing under it and finding the kids he takes off around the yard while underneath the pool. He runs all over the yard for a while until one of the kids catches the pool and he comes out.

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