Take What You Need, Give What You Can.


A Project of Take What You Need, Give What You Can, Is a project that involves taking a board and pinning one dollar notes on them, then placing it at a public place where many passersby will be able to look at it?The group had different ideas altogether of what was going to happen. Some thought that the needy would come and pin the notes off and others thought that people would think that it was a cool idea and pin some more, be it a dollar, five dollar, or even more.They took the project to Mission beach in San Diego, CA, where they posted it at a wall near the road, and waited to see what will happen.The total amount that had been pinned was 20 dollars and in 45 minutes time, the money had doubled and reached 45 dollars. When one of the project carriers was asked how it was fairing on, he said that it was amazing but they hoped that someone who is needy would come and take a few dollars to use. And that was it, after sometime a man came in a bike and took a note with him.When one person who looked older was asked if he would part of the money, he responded that he would not because he was not greedy and there are hundreds of people out there who are really in need. Finally they had to ask someone if he had necessity of paying bills of which they handed him some of the money.From the analysis taken, people preferred to take a photo with the board and donate a dollar or more rather than taking from the board.The message the team wanted to reveal to everyone is that nobody will ever get broke by giving out the little he/she has.

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