Sometimes You Have To Go To Them


Not all veterinarian calls are at the doctor’s office or clinic. In the short video titled “Sometimes You Have To Go To Them” the veterinarian in question was called in by a dog rescue shelter to save a dog that had gotten her head stuck in a rot iron fence in an industrial area. How the dog ended up that way is a mystery that may never be solved. The only thing we know for fact is that she sure was a lucky girl that day. The vet, along with the help of a few concerned police officers were able to remove her head out of the fence without causing any damage. When the dog was brought back to the animal shelter they noticed that she had a collar with an electronic chip in it. This was not a street dog. She actually had escaped from her home and the owners were worried sick. As soon as they received the call from the shelter they rushed right over to pick up Diane. Don’t you just love a happy ending!

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