Sometimes people get lost when they wake from a nap


Kids especially do this when they wake up from an afternoon nap, they get a little lost and confused. This happens again as you get older or any time you take a nap when you are not used to taking one. With kids though it can be a little amusing as they fall asleep in the oddest positions and the oddest places. Waking them up is what causes the problem of feeling lost.

It’s not different if the person happens to be a kitten instead. Watching this video will show you what happens when a kitten wakes up from a nap in a bowl. For whatever reason it thought it would be comfortable sleeping in this dish rather than on something much softer like a bed or a chair. When the poor thing wakes up it finds itself sitting in the middle of the bowl with the owner looking on and talking to it. The poor thing has the softest little mew in response to its owners as if it was taking part in the conversation. It also seems to appear to be a little embarrassed by the whole matter as well. The owner is apologizing for waking up her little furry friend and is sorry that the poor thing fell asleep in the bowl.

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