She Gave Birth To Her Baby. What Happened After? WHOA!


Elephants are pack animals by nature, seldom living alone except in captivity. These animals are sometimes orphaned just like anyone else in there are shelters of all shapes and sizes that will take them in, nurture them and help turn their lives around. Formally an orphan herself, Emily the elephant gives birth to her second calf known as Emma.

Be warned when watching the video as you are going to see a baby elephant being born.

The pack is proud of her accomplishment and comes out to see the new baby for themselves. They all want to have a good look and wish the baby well, and to let her know how protected she will be in the pack. The mother gently blows dirt on the little one, and the clip ends with little Emma the new baby, hiding under the legs of her mother. There is a close up shot of her face right at the end so you can see this precious little baby.

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