She Asked Him to Get Rid Of His Dog. What He Did? Amazing!


It may be hard to believe but not everyone likes pets.

I love my pets. I have a dog and a cat and they mean the world to me. I soon realized there are people out there that do not feel the same. There once was a woman who really disliked her boyfriend’s dog.
Reddit user Getzen was with his girlfriend for four years and decided to ask her to move in with him. He did not realize that she hate his dog Molly.
His girlfriend told him if she moves in with him Molly has to go. Getzen decided to put an ad on Craigslist to solve this problem.
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My girlfriend hates Molly. Molly is my beagle. I have no choice but to find her a new home. She is purebread and from a rich family. She has been with me for four years. She enjoys playing games. She still needs to be trained. She has long hair and can be a high maintenance. She has long nails and loves having them done often. She stays up most of the night and makes yapping noises when I try to get some sleep for work. She only eats expensive foods. She will Never greet you at the door when you come home or give you the love or attention you need when you are feeling down. Warning: She bites and can be very mean.
With that being said… Do anyone have an interested in a 30 year old, selfish, evil, gold digger for a girlfriend? Please come and take her. Molly and I need to find a new home for her right away.

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