Repairing Tool – The Once Abandoned Dog


Meet Tool, ironically named as such to serve as an example and create awareness of how hunters in Greece treat their dogs. An animal that could have been a loyal companion and best friend was found tied to a tree, abandoned deep in the mountains. He was apparently just another hunting dog, and it seems when he got old and limping, he was no longer of any use.

Almost two years have passed since his rescue by the Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union, and his story sure deserves to be told! Now at around 11 years old, Tool still looks and feels younger than ever running free at the beach and nurturing his playful nature. All thanks to Lone, his mum, who’ve fallen in love with him and gave him a home. She took the adorable dog together with his kennel companion Cosette, who’s been similarly abandoned and rescued.

Two hunting tools transformed to amazing and loving pets is one great happy ending everyone must come to know.

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