Puppy’s First Experience Drinking Cold Water


Ollie is a newborn mini Australian shepherd just 11 weeks old, who is still figuring out the ways of the world. He has his first experience with cold water when his owner pours chilled water into his bowl. The tiny puppy is totally confused as he licks chilled water for the first time, and its reaction is totally hilarious.The thirsty little dog takes the first sip from his bowl before running away in fright. Ollie is a little reluctant after he encounters the new sensation of chilled water. He tried to drink some more water but was quick to jump away from the bowl yet again. He takes another quick sip before turning away and then claws the sides of the bowl.Every time the owner asked the puppy to drink the water, the puppy takes a sip and then reacts in a rather amusing manner. As time passes, he appears to get irked and begins growling and running around in circles. Finally, as if a confirmation to the owner’s question of whether the water is too cold, the pup barks in response.

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