Puppy Buddies Up in Vain


Sometimes, puppies want to have fun with the purest intentions, and yet it doesn’t work. Some other times, the intention isn’t as clear, but one can still see that he puppy wants to have fun. In this video, the intention of the puppy might actually depend on the viewer. Some may say the puppy is doing something the cat should appreciate, and some others may say it’s something the cat shouldn’t. The difference is a fine line between friendship and…something a bit more.

The puppy is on its two hind legs with its two front ones on the cat’s back. The cat doesn’t seem bothered at all. However, simply by looking at the cat’s face, one can see that the cat might not be pleased. Maybe a bit indifferent or worse, quite annoyed. One might start wondering why the annoyed cat didn’t move. Either way, it was a friendship that needed some work.

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