Providing aid to animals in India


This video is a documentary style look at the work of animal aid unlimited in India. Animal aid focuses on rescuing sick and injured street animals and then re homes them. They are an inspirational charity and are helped by local people who want to help street dogs.

One day a very sick dog was found by some local people. Animal aid unlimited were called in by a mother and daughter. However they were unable to find the dog initially, the whole community pitched in to find the dog who had a badly injured ear.

60,000 animals have been rescued by animal aid in fifteen years which is an amazing achievement. All this work couldn’t take place without the help of dedicated volunteers and local people who help. Animal aid unlimited doesn’t only look after street dogs, they also take in cows and any other animals that need help.

This video is inspiring and heart warming, it’s amazing to see how far some of these animals have come. Even the worse wounds can heal.

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