Priest Creeps Up To People At The Cash Register, What He Does Next? I Can’t Get Enough Of THIS!


You had some free time, so you go out to the mall to do some shopping. It happens that there’s also a priest doing his rounds in the mall. The priest is also in the mood to shop for something really not-so-reflective of their position in the society, so he comes up with a trick to make his plans work. He has to use you!

Okay, you’re done doing the rounds and picking stuff, and now you’re at the cash register ready to fork out the wads or do a swap to settle your bill, and then this priest comes up and throws something into your collection. And guess what? It’s a packet of Trajan!

You should really watch this clip. It’s actually a prank organized and recorded by these smart pranksters, Just For Laughs. The reactions on the “victims’” faces is just priceless. Oh how I love this!

Click on this video and get set to drop off your seat in laughter. You must get an urge to SHARE this on Facebook. It’s too hilarious. Also drop a comment about it.

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