Pit Bull Overcomes Dark Past‏


The video below is about a dog who overcome odds that came his way last year. A pit bull named Phoenix was rescued last year after he was “tied to a tree and soaked with kerosene and set of fire”. He also suffered from a broken hip but this Pit Bull survives the serious injuries he sustained. Then a rescue group named “Furry Friends” took over his care. After Phoenix recovered from his injuries, he was deemed trainable by Canines Assisting Military Organizations trainers. The organization then started training the sweet Pit bull and after four months, Phoenix officially became a service dog.

Phoenix was paired by Army Corporal Derek Butler, an Iraq veteran who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Butler’s battle with PTSD is somehow ease with Phoenix presence. Whenever Butler feels depressed and suicidal, he thinks about ending his life, but he never did it because of Phoenix. The canine seems to know when the Army veteran is not in a good mood, then he rubs his head on Butler to distract him and play with him. Despite of the abused and suffering that Phoenix had in the past, he remains sweet and loving. Phoenix and Butler both have dark pasts and together they are overcoming it and starting a happy life together.

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