Pebble is Evil, in a Fake Way


Cockatoos are known to be pink, large parrots that can pull off very adorable stunts. In this video, Pebble the Cockatoo does something very scary and adorable. She goes a bit crazy. First she plays the game of confusing her owner. “Do you love me?” he first asks, and she starts laughing hysterically. He asks again and she shakes her head repeatedly. She continues her evil laugh and he then wonders if she’s trying to intimidate him.
He soon learns to get along with her by laughing. As such, he starts copying her laughter. Along with her owner, she does multiple maniacal laughs and bends her head multiple ways. The head shakes and bends scared him, but he nevertheless played along and Pebble eventually tamed her laughter into a sweet whistle. One of the things Pebble does very well other than laugh is cheek kisses. She leans in to the left side of his cheek, and then to the right side. Cockatoos are well known for many things, and this one is known for evil laughs and awesome kisses.

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