Oliver the Little Pig and His Zoomies


This pig is on the go. The pig’s name is Oliver and he is one the move. He runs around and digs in the dirt. It does not matter that he is getting dirty. After a brief roll he is off again. While many people think that pigs are lazy little Oliver proves everyone wrong. This pig has a lot of energy. From the looks of this video he also enjoys playing in the dirt.
Little Oliver definitely has a case of the zoomies. He does not want to sit still except for a brief roll in the dirt. This pig has a lot of energy and he seems to have a happy life playing outside. This silly pig has a lot of energy and he is having a great time. It does not take a lot of make this big happy. All he needs is some dirt and some room to run around. Oliver the Piggy has the zoomies and the video is heart warning for everyone that watches it.

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