Old Ladies Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow at a Shopping Center


Who said that old ladies can’t dance to the rhythm of a 20-year-old? This video, which has already been viewed by more than one million individuals, shows that there are numerous of older ladies who like to dance like there’s no tomorrow in front of anybody.
In this video, you’ll see ashopping centerwhere people keep passing by, but all of a sudden, people stop in their tracks to pay attention to a very elegantly dressed old lady, who is beginning to dance with no care. It’s very common to see young people dancing like this, but not really older people, which is one of the main reasons why this video has been watched so many times.
The lady begins to dance alone, but she is soon accompanied by more than a handful of ladies that fall into the same age group as her. There’s even a lady in a wheelchair,who joinsin the dance. You’ll see people taking photos and videos of them, with their smartphones.
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