Miracle Child Offers All To Lean On Him


Christopher Duffley was born prematurely, weighing one pound and twelve ounces. He was blind as a result of ‘Retinopathy of Prematurity.’ Christopher is also affected by autism, however none of these hurdles keeps this amazing young man from spreading hope through his voice, his talents, and God’s word.

This video shows Christopher singing Bill Withers”Lean On Me,’ with 150 members (kids) of the World Outreach Church Kids’ Choir. The performance was done in a town outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Warning: Grab a box of kleenex before watching, and be prepared to have your heart filled with joy!

This video shows young Christopher in the middle of the stage, looking very handsome in his stylish double breasted suit, beautifully blaring away the words to the smash hit. As he sings, his fellow choir mates join him on stage and file in row after row behind him in their colorful choir shirts. As they continue to come up on stage, they sing the background to Christopher’s solo, and perform some sharp choreography!

Brave and with total composure, Christopher gets more and more involved in the lyrics and the meaning of the song as the children gather behind him. You can physically see him gains strength! He means it- he wants the world to know that they’ve got a friend in him if they need it.

The World Outreach Church Kids’ Choir is open to all children from grades two to six. They meet once a week in Murfreesbro, Tennessee for rehearsal, led by Director Keith Melius. The World Outreach Church’s mission is to glorify God with the talents and personalities they’ve been given. Christopher certainly shines in both talent and personality! He’s living proof that a person can do anything they set their mind to, regardless of the obstacles that may get in the way.

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