Little Hero in the Cochran Family


There are still many heroes in the world. The Cochran family wins the Unsung Hero Award due to their heartwarming story. This video shows how close a brother and sister can be even though they are different.
The little girl is bond to a wheelchair. She was born with spinal muscular atrophy which her confined to the chair. Some would think that her brother would not want to be bothered with her. Boys like to be active and play sports. This brother and sister could not be closer. The brig brother plays with her and even teaches her how to play sports such as basketball in the wheelchair. He is very compassionate and loving with his sister.
This video shows the love between a brother and a sister. While they may be physically different it is clear these two kids love each other and are very close. This video teaches everyone including adults what a little compassion can do and it can lead to great relationship.

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