Lil’ Bunny (the Cat) Sue Roux Doesn’t Stop


At first glance, this white and grey cat appears to be just like any other cat. It is not until you take a closer look that you realize this feline is in fact missing her two front legs. Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, a Siamese mix, was born without the two appendages. She doesn’t let that slow her down though. Like a bunny rabbit, and her namesake, she can hop circles around anyone. Getting up onto the couch? Playing with a piece of string? Eating and cleaning herself? No problem for this hopping feline. The only problem for this kitty- not being able to bury her waste in the litter box- turned out to be her saving grace. Lil’ Bunny was surrendered to a shelter because of this. Her current owner, Jackie, who worked at a veterinarian clinic, was contacted and as soon as she saw a picture of Lil’ Bunny, it love at first sight, and a happy ending.

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