Land of the Strays


It is not impossible to find a stray dog in the streets or field. However, it is adorable to see so many strays running around. All these strays can find a home and someone to take care of them. In the video, you can see that there is a huge number of strays with a group of people who are watching them.
They play around in open and green land. There is grass, trees and the terrain is sloppy. They dogs are in a group and run off in different directions. They get to play in the lovely fields where they seem happy.They realize that they are home and are no longer strays. There is so much that individuals can do to take care of strays. They can be domesticated and easily taken care off. When a stray dog is rehabilitated, it becomes just as adorable as any other dog.
You will see them playing together and running energetically in the fields. Moreover, they exist in different colours and sizes.

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