Lady Pays Homage to the ‘Typical Motherly Behavior’


Nobody can deny that a great percentage of mothers in the world tend to have the same type of ‘motherly behavior’ toward their children, like they are overprotective, always forcing things on them, like vegetables, getting in their business, or etc. This particular video is a homage to this type of motherly behavior.
In this video, which has been watched by more than ten million individuals, you will watch a lady that is in a school, talking to some teenagers. The video doesn’t really showcase what exactly this lady was talking to them about, as it quickly jumps into her unique homage.
She begins to sing a song which lyrics reflect what a typicalmother says to her children on a daily basis. You will actually be amazed on how the writer of this song got it so right. At the end of her homage, she gets a standing ovation. This lady definitely nailed it.
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