Korean Dog Meat Farm Shut Down For Good, and its Pups Rescued


In America and much of the Western world, dogs are beloved and almost sacred companions. Cruelty towards them is widely despised, and a great many laws are in place to ensure their lives and well-being. However, sadly, this is not the case in much of the world. In many regions, particularly some parts of East Asia, dogs are often farmed and slaughtered for food. The conditions they are held in are typically deplorable at best, and the “farmers” often simply pick up random strays from the street.

In this video, however, you’ll get to witness one of these horrendous farms shutting down for good, and all of its pups transferred to the United States. Overjoyed, these adorable dogs will be given good homes, and will never again have to fear for their lives or their friends. Hold your pooch close, and prepare to see one of the happiest rescue operations of your life, in this amazing video.

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