Kittens Rescued In The Lake


They say there is always the first time for everything. This video shows the first time two fishermen who had gone out to fish encountered what most would consider unbelievable-they caught two kittens in the lake.
The video starts when these two fishermen are just recording their moment with a camera when they see from a distant a kitten swimming towards their boat. This looks unbelievable since it’s in the middle of a deep lake and the kitten seem to have been left in the adjacent forest.
Just after the first kitten was rescued by one of the fisherman, the other kitten emerged from the forest and also swam across the lake to where the boat way. One of the fishermen agrees that this is the most unbelievable thing he has ever seen. Now the question is, who would leave two adorable and identical kittens in a forest? Well you have to watch this video to have the real picture.

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