Kind Act From Officer Goes Viral


In the news it is often reported when police officers do something wrong. This story proves that police officers are really good people. This act of kindness goes viral and thanks to the giving nature of this police officer.
Police officer Moises Castillo was riding around the area when he got a call that there was an elderly man in a motorized scooter and his battery has run out. The man was stranded. The police officer decided to push him along and make sure he got to his destination safely. A person watching this decided to fill the officer pushing along the scooter. The officer said it was just part of his job and he was doing what he signed up for, he was helping someone in trouble. The man now has batteries in his scooter and he is very thankful to the kind act from the officer. This video shows that a few bad police officers should not hurt the many kind hearted officers out there.

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